Where the Walls Really do Talk

Whispers Estate is a beautiful 3,700 sq. ft. Victorian home nestled in the pleasant city of Mitchell, IN. Aside from offering visitors a friendly atmosphere and a place to relax and unwind, it is one of the few places you can go that the walls actually do talk!

“Whispers Estate is one of those places that every ghost hunter wishes they had in their neighborhood”                                              -Brett Pittman, Haunted Indiana Paranormal

“I’ve got to say that half the time I was in there I felt like a gazelle at a watering hole. Like the whole house was stalking me.”       -Joshua Trowbridge, Facebook

“…I’ve been to lots of other places ghost hunting, but this is the first place I’ve visited where I’ve actually been scared.”         -Natalie Giles, Salt Lake City, Utah

Whispers Estate has been featured in the numerous media, including:

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Total visits Friday, May 22, 2009